Home Owner vs. HOA Responsibilities

The following table clarifies which responsibilities are the homeowners', and which are the HOA's. If you have any questions about this, please contact our property manager.

Building Maintenance
Heat and Air-Conditioning Units Owner
Decks repair, replacement, staining (Original Construction) HOA
Front and Rear Steps HOA
Building additions added after original construction - including deck area Owner
Doors (Front, Sliding, Storage, etc) Owner
Door Bells, Knobs, Locks and Fixtures Owner
Screen and Storm Doors Owner
Screen Windows Owner
Glass Surfaces (windows and doors) Owner
Window Frames and encasements Owner
Gutters and Downspouts - Cleaning and Repair HOA
Gutters and Downspouts - Additions Owner
Dryer Vent Owner
Exterior and Interior Pest Control (non-termite) Owner
Exterior Alterations (Must be approved by the HOA Board) Owner
Exterior Building Surfaces (excluding windows, doors) HOA
Exterior Electrical Fixtures (attached lights, outlets) Owner
Exterior Handrails - painting, repair and replacement (Original) HOA
Exterior Handrails (Owner Installed) Owner
Exterior House Numbers Owner
Exterior Light Posts (Common Area) HOA
Exterior Lighting or Fixtures (Personal Use) Owner
Exterior siding and trim - repair, replacment, painting HOA
Exterior Storm Sewer lines (common areas) HOA
Exterior Water Faucets Owner
Exterior Water Lines (Meter to Townhouse) Owner
Fireplace (all interior aspects) Owner
Interior paint and trim Owner
Interior paint and trim (caused by exterior leak) HOA
Interior Plumbing and Fixtures Owner
Interior Structural Walls Owner
Interior Water Lines Owner
Interior Plumbing Pipes Owner
Sewer Line Cleanout- from home to main line Owner
Sewer Line Cleanout- main lines HOA
Water Faucets Owner
Water Lines from Meter to House Owner
Water Lines from Meter to Main HOA
Foundation and Crawlspace
Crawlspace Conditions Owner
Crawlspace / Foundation Drainage Owner
Crawlspace Door HOA
Crawlspace Debris Owner
Crawlspace Insulation Owner
Foundation Structural Repairs Owner
Grounds Maintenance
Common Area Landscaping (mowing, blowing, seeding, etc) HOA
Drainage - Storm Drains HOA
Tree Trimming & Removal HOA
Pruning & Maintenance of Common Area Shrubs/Bushes HOA
Pruning & Maintenance of owner plantings and features Owner
Mailboxes (Community Clusters) HOA
Mailbox Key Owner
Termite Inspection and Treatment HOA
Termite Repair - Owner Negligence Owner
Termite Repair - Under Warrenty HOA
Roadways & Walkways
Asphalt Road and Parking areas Maintenance and Repairs HOA
Curbs and Street Gutters HOA
Snow Removal - Road HOA
Snow Removal - Walks Owner
Roof Maintenance
Chimney Cleaning Owner
Gutter Cleaning (Twice Annually) HOA
Roof Attachements - Homeowner Installed Owner
Roof Cleaning and Leaf Removal (Twice Annually) HOA
Roof Shingles HOA
Roof Vents - Builder Installed HOA
Deck Area Open Skylights - Original HOA
Deck Area Open Skylights - Homeowner Modified Owner
Community Services
Recycling Owner
Trash Collection Owner
Yard Waste Collection Owner
Large Trash Collection Owner

For more information and details, please see the documents in our documents area.